Serving Northwest Iowa area since 1952


  • How do you bill for your services?

    We do not claim to be the least expensive “act” in town. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible professional advice to our clients at a reasonable price. We have different standard billing rates, depending on the experience level of our personnel and the type of service provided. We normally bill monthly and payment is required within 30 days.
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  • Do you charge for an initial meeting?

    We will be happy to meet with you at no charge for you to get to know us and us to know you. At that initial meeting, we will make every attempt possible to give you an estimate of the cost of our services.
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  • What hours are you available?

    We are available during normal business hours which are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturdays during tax season January 1 through April 15. We would be happy to make special arrangements for evening or weekend consultations.
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  • How will your firm help me if my tax return is audited by the IRS?

    We will actually accompany you to the IRS Agent’s office and support you in every way possible. We will assist you in gathering and presenting any documentation that IRS may request. So, PLEASE retain that documentation to support the deductions and income on your return. Our firm sees very few full IRS audits of our client’s returns. More commonly, we see letters from IRS requesting additional information or suggesting a change to our client’s return. Bring those notices to us so that we can assist you in responding to them appropriately, resulting in, hopefully, no change to your original return. These services are in addition to the original cost of preparing your returns.
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  • What do I need to do for the firm to be able to prepare my tax returns?

    We prefer to have a personal interview with you to review your sources of income and deductions. Our firm provides our clients with a tax organizer which is very helpful to you in organizing your tax information and informing you of what information you need to present. After the interview, you will leave our office feeling a significant relief that the task is completed on your part (other than possibly the need to search for one or more additional pieces of information). The challenge will have been transferred from you to our firm. We will prepare your return, review for accuracy and completeness, analyze for tax strategies and investment opportunities, and review the results with you either in person or by phone. Once both you and our firm are satisfied with the returns, all you need to do is sign and, of course, pay the tax or anticipate the refund.
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